January 16, 2024

Navierre, Making Healthcare ‘Plain and Simple’

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Published in LA Weekly on January 9th, 2024

With managing healthcare today, patients often find themselves navigating a disjointed system
with disconnected pathways. This makes the patient journey a frustrating one filled with
obstacles. Mustafa Dinani, CEO and founder of a breakthrough solution, explains, “Our
complicated and fragmented healthcare system results in individuals feeling lost, helpless, and
in the dark about their own health. Navierre makes it simple by helping users aggregate their
health data in one place and then guiding them every step of the way on their health journey.”

When Electronic Health Records (EHRs) were first introduced, many people thought it would
empower patients with their health information. The reality is EHRs are designed primarily as a
billing software for doctors to write notes and seek insurance compensation. Granting patient’s
online access to their medical records was never the primary focus. “In fact, if it wasn’t for the
21st Century Cures Act, patient portals and apps would never have come into existence.” Dinani
continues, “Unfortunately, patients now face a new problem of having multiple portals and
credentials; with each EHR or healthcare facility choosing to build their ‘own’ platform.”

Dinani recognized these critical challenges for the patient and embarked on a mission to
revolutionize the healthcare industry with Navierre. Navierre is a holistic healthcare platform that
unifies health data from various sources into one intuitive space, known as a patient’s ‘health
wallet’. Navierre prioritizes the patient by providing them access to their information anytime
from anywhere; a much-needed departure from the billing-centric approach of traditional EHRs
that focus on the Provider first.

Dinani explains, “With the system as it is today, everytime we go to a new doctor, see a new
specialist, change insurance, or get diagnosed with a new condition, we have to start all over.
Not only does this waste time, but it means that precious information is often lost. This issue is
compounded when we move to a new city, get older and especially when we need more
specialized care. Many times, we don’t remember which doctor we saw or which urgent care we
were rushed to, nevermind the medication we are prescribed. Our healthcare history is a giant
jigsaw puzzle with missing and lost pieces, the picture is incomplete. With Navierre, we put all
the pieces together to create a comprehensive picture of your healthcare journey so that you
can get the care and transparency you deserve.”

Navierre is a pioneer of what is possible with patient access; however, this is just the beginning.
As technology and pro-patient regulations continue to evolve, Navierre opens the door for users
to access their health information more seamlessly. These regulations are critical in enabling
this type of access, so that health data can easily flow. This newfound freedom enables patients
to seek the best care options, unconstrained by system friction and data restrictions. Dinani
expresses that “this will empower patients to own their health journey, find the care they need,
and control their health outcomes.”

While Navierre could have been a direct-to-consumer product, creative market strategies have
positioned it to be a coupled solution for both patients and medical practices, providing a holistic
approach to healthcare management. As the platform has rapidly gained popularity, amassing
30,000 users in one year, Navierre is positioning itself to become the go-to solution for an
increasingly efficient and patient-centered healthcare journey.

Navierre is a revolutionary solution, breaking free from the constraints of the past by putting
patients back in the center of their healthcare experience. As Navierre continues to gain
momentum, it is reinventing the present and the future of healthcare; by making it ‘plain and
simple.’ That is something everyone can get excited about.

Find out more today about how to create your health wallet with Navierre, today!

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